Cedar Island Trip

Cedar Point Weekend/or Day Paddle Trip

Friday, June 27 – Sunday, June 29, 2014


Join us at the Cedar Point Campground ( We are at site #33 )for a day or weekend of camping and paddling around the White Oak River & the surrounding area . Trip destinations will vary and depend on wind/weather conditions w/ numerous options.

Friday afternoon we plan to set up for the night w/ no scheduled paddle but that option is certainly open to those who want to do their own thing. A hike on the 1.3 mile Tideland trail is an option .

Saturday we plan to depart from the campground boat launch at 10:00 a.m. ( in consideration of those who choose to day paddle). If conditions look ok we can paddle around Huggins Island and and/or to Bear Island and possibly stop for a visit to Barrier Island Kayaks . We plan to return up the intercoastal waterway back to the White Oak River and to the campground. This trip can vary considerably w/ the weather (wind, waves & tide) and is approximately 11 miles total. Distance alone would earn it an “INTERMEDIATE” rating.

Sunday we will depart at at 9:00 a.m. for a short & “low key” paddle up the White Oak River to Jones Island for a visit to the environmental center and a laid back 2-3 hour trip. This leg of the trip is much less strenuous and should be ok for beginners if the wind is not kicking up too much. Oyster shells are numerous in this area so be careful.

Directions : From New Bern take Highway 17 South to Maysville and turn left at the stoplight just past Hardee’s onto Highway 58 towards Emerald Isle. Turn right before the Emerald Isle bridge onto the VFW road and go .4 miles before turning left onto the park road. If you are camping go .6 miles and turn left into the campground circle. If not camping then continue to the parking and launch area.

I highly recommend that you wear enclosed shoes that will protect you from the numerous oyster shell beds in the area. Spray skirts are also advised for the open waters & P.F.D.s are required on all paddle trips.

Campsite reservations are encouraged and can be made by calling 877 444-6777 or go online to www.recreation.gov . The campground can accommodate tents or recreational vehicles. Campsites are $22.00 @ night (get a discount w/ senior or handicapped pass ( 3 tents can share a site and save $$$). Showers & bathrooms are available.

Trip Facilitator: Terry Rich at richenough@centurylink.net . Or call 252 633-9715

PLEASE RSVP if camping.

Message from Mark Masser

New Bern Mumfest

Mumfest is the weekend of Oct 12 – 13, and we will have an information tent set up down at Union Point next to the TRPC.  In past years, what has worked best is if volunteers work about two hour shifts.  Please e-mail me and let me know what time works best for you (mamasser@gmail.com).  It is fun to meet and talk to people.  Very easy.  I will be down there most of the weekend, but I will need help if I need a “relief” break..  If I can get at least two other volunteers at each time slot, that would be great.


7:00AM – 9:00 AM – Set up

9:00 – 11:00,

11:00 – 1:00,

1:00 – 3:00. (Bill Sanchez)

3:00 – 5:00.



8:00 – 10:00

10:00 – 12:00

12:00 – 2:00

2:00 – 4:00 (or close)


OAC Social & Planning Meeting

When:  Sunday, October 27th.

Where:  Klecker’s residence.

RSVP:  with Mark Masser by Wednesday, Oct 23rd.

It is time again for the annual OAC planning meeting, to be help Sunday, October 27th, 4:30pm, at the Klecker’s residence.  The club will provide hotdogs, hamburgers, and utensils, and we ask members to bring their favorite side dish or desert to share.  We can start arriving at 4:30pm.  I will start cooking the burgers and dogs by 4:45, and we can start eating at 5:00 ish as the food comes off the grill.  Then at 6:30, we will start the planning meeting, similar format as we have done in the past.  To help move things along, please have available (or e-mail me before hand), five events that you would like to do next year.  You don’t necessarily have to lead your trips, but willing to help out the person who does.  Please RSVP with Mark Masser by October 23rd so we can make sure we have enough burgers and dogs for everyone.  Let’s think “outside the box” and plan the most exciting trips and events we can think of to have the best year ever for the OAC!!

OAC 2014 Officer Nominations at October Meeting

At October’s meeting, the nominations and ballot will be determined for the 2014 OAC Board of Officers.  If you are interested in running for office, please let me know before the meeting, and be sure to attend.  Please do not be afraid to volunteer.  New vision can be a good thing.

Cycle NC – Day 7

2012 Cycle NC – Day 7 White Lake to Carolina Beach (71.1 miles)

Tim McLear bailed out of Cycle NC yesterday.  He said he’d rather fly to Europe than ride another mile of this year’s tour.  (Seriously, he went to Europe).

Today was the last day of Cycle North Carolina for 2012.  The weather was nice with little to no wind, and the roads were flat flat flat.  The only hill for today’s ride was the bridge across the Intercoastal Waterway coming in to Carolina Beach.

Bill says everybody was up and ready to ride early on this last day.  Bill’s maximum speed today was 28.4 mph coming off of the bridge, but he averaged 17.1 mph for the morning.  He was outpaced by the guy who hand cycled the entire ride; today that guy’s speed averaged 17.2 mph.

The final day’s ride was uneventful with the possible exception of the cobblestone streets in Wilmington, and Bill was surprised that they were included in the route.  I think that the Cycle NC folks knew that they needed to find a way to shake up the last day, so they added the cobblestones to weed out the amateurs. 

Bill, Mac and Loren Jones were the first of the locals to reach Carolina Beach (at 11:30 am), which means of course that they won Cycle NC, but most of the local group came in within the hour. 

Sadly, one unknown unlucky biker fell as she made the last turn to finish the ride.  A comment was heard behind us along the line of, “Well, that sucks.”

Carolina Beach hosted the finish line celebration with a band, barbecue plates, beer, and random giveaway items including some fairly cool sunglasses.  Kathleen Klecker and I hosted the New Bern area group with the annual bottles of champagne, and we made everyone stop what they were doing and drink.  The group managed to toast each cyclist, Sherpa Ken, Sherpa Rick, Ken’s pickup truck, ants, the shower truck, and the portajohns.  Three bottles of champagne later, the ride was over.

Every single cyclist I spoke to had a great time and intends to do it again next year.  That includes CNC newbies, Ben Bunn, Avery Corning, and Cal Hansen.

Dog of the Day:  Joanne reports that she saw a possible dog on today’s route, but she says it was likely too small to qualify as an official dog so she paid it no mind.  I guess the “too small to be a dog” can win Dog of the Day by default. 

Total mileage for this year’s ride was 455.3 miles.

Lynda Sadler

Flanners Beach – Sept 21, 2012

Flanner’s Beach Camping Trip

On the weekend of September 21, the OAC enjoyed the weekend camping at Flanner’s Beach, just East of New Bern on the Neuse River.  There were about 15 members who took over four camp sites with their campers and tents.  Some hiked or biked on the local trails.  Others just enjoyed some down time on the beach.  As Saturday evening came around, an additional 10 members showed up with food to share, so we all sat around, enjoying great food and fellowship.  Dave Whitlow even made a spiced apple cobbler in his Dutch Oven for everyone to share.  There was so much food, that when it came time to pull out the makings for smores, nobody could move.  We just sat around the fire, and hoped someone else would have the energy to get up and put more wood on the fire.  (Thank you Ken)..  If you were unfortunate enough to have missed this trip, don’t worry, I am sure we will be planning another soon.

Mark Masser

Cycle NC – Day 6

2012 Cycle NC – Day 6 Lumberton to White Lake

Bill elected to ride the shorter route today (61.2 miles) as did everybody in his group except Mark Fancy who rocked the century option in 5 1/2 hours.

Bill’s maximum speed was 29.4 mph, and he averaged 16.1 mph.  He arrived in White Lake at around 11:30 am.  The route is now east coast flat, with no significant hills.  The weather was beautiful, with a high temperature of around 80 degrees.

(When Bill started doing Cycle NC eleven years ago, I had this vision of him slogging out a long ride day after day for an entire week, fighting through exhaustion over and over just to have to set up a tent, eat, sleep, take down the tent and start all over again..in the rain..up hill.)

Once, again the rest stops were terrific – highlighted by the second one at Lu Mil Vineyard where there were the promised scuppernong slushies, as well as muscadine preserves for the ubiquitous Cycle NC pb&j  sandwiches.  I’m told that Joanne was very tired and had to take an extended break here at the winery…

Today was also a day when CNC officials and law enforcement had to stop some of the cyclists along the route to help pick up tacks on the road.  I believe the early cyclists missed the tack incident so it’s likely the tacks were put out later. Nearly everyone the cyclists come in contact with are pleasant and welcoming.   Occasionally, well … you know.

The Dog of the Day was a Rat Terrier who worked in random with his buddy, the Labrador Retriever.  Mr. Labrador slowed down the passing cyclists so that Mr. Terrier could attack their ankles.  I guess Mr. Labrador can be first runner up (snicker).

Early this afternoon, after the group was all set up at White Lake, Ken Court and Cal Hansen decided to take a swim in the lake.  Leaving their glasses on land, they swam out, and they saw Joanne paddling up in a kayak.  Ken and Cal thought it would be fun to go to her boat and tip her over.  Just before they could put their plan into action, the kayak got close enough for them to realize that the person paddling the boat wasn’t Joanne.

Also, Bill has become quite the fire ant magnet – he’s not called Sweet Willy for nothing.  It appears that fire ants infested the seams and creases of his cycle jacket, possibly several days ago, and this morning his entire bag of clothes was full of ants.  The jacket is now in isolation in its own bag (and so far as I’m concerned, he can burn it).  No one else seems to be having any issues with ants.

Tomorrow’s route is White Lake to Carolina Beach for a distance of about 71 miles.  It is the final day of 2012 Cycle NC.  Come on down. The ocean is gorgeous, and the end of ride champagne is in the fridge.

Lynda Sadler